Who We Are

Food Float encourages the whole community to work for each other: local growers and producers and local customers; engendering community and a sense of place and keeping money in the local economy. 

Our story so far
Food Float is a not-for-profit community interest company – run by the community for the community. Our story goes back to 2009 and the idea of using a milk float – hence our name and logo – to deliver local food to Dorking and the surrounding villages. The High Street stall opened for business on 6 March 2010 and, lockdown apart when it had to close for three months, has traded for 50 weeks a year ever since, in all weathers – a place for conversation and laughter as well as shopping.

The Team
Food Float wouldn’t exist without its pool of volunteers. Day-to-day operations are managed by Maddie Sutton and Tim McEntire.

  • Stephanie Wright, Former Chairman, Director and founding member. Sadly Stephanie died in December 2019.
  • Nick Wright, Chairman.
  • Heather Ackroyd, Former Director and founding member.
  • Margaret Brett, Director. Margaret has brought the experience of a distinguished career in accountancy to the Board.
  • Jane Gavey, Director and founding member.
  • Jacqui Hamlin, Director and founding member.
  • Phil May, Former Director. Phil’s involvement with Food Float, at the Stall and behind the scenes, covered ten and a half years.
  • Tim McEntire, Director and Operations Manager. Tim is a former chef proprietor with a passion for local food.
  • Julia Redfern, Online shop and communications.
  • Maddie Sutton, Director and Operations Manager.
  • Andy Tanner, Director. Andy works on local community development projects, charitable activities and campaigning.
  • Ruth Thomas, Bookkeeper.

Other information about Food Float

Our Producers and Suppliers

Our Data Protection Policy

Volunteering for Food Float

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