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Food Float encourages the whole community to work for each other: local growers and producers and local customers; with the aim of growing a resilient food community and keeping money in the local economy. We would like to make the most of Surrey’s rich resources without the need to travel further afield.

Food Float’s Tim McEntire in 2014 with former Prime Minister, David Cameron

Our story so far
Food Float Community Interest Company is run by a small group of local residents. We began in 2009 with the idea of a new economic concept pointing to future ways of supplying and buying food. Local produce has taken off “big time” since then, and is a selling point for retailers and restaurants alike.
The first stall, on Dorking High Street, was on 6 March 2010.

The Food Float team

Three part-time staff carry out the day to day operations: Maddie Sutton, Tim McEntire and Julia Redfern.  The six directors  – including Maddie and Tim – give their time on a voluntary basis.

The founding members and directors are:

  • Stephanie Wright, Founding member and former Director & Chair. Sadly Stephanie died in December 2019.
  • Tim McEntire, Director and Operations Manager. Tim is a former chef proprietor with a passion for local food.
  • Maddie Sutton, Director and Operations Manager.
  • Margaret Brett, Director. Margaret has brought the experience of a distinguished career in accountancy to the Board.
  • Julia Redfern, Online Shop Manager.
  • Jane Gavey, Director and founding member.
  • Jacqui Hamlin, Director and founding member.
  • Viv Adams, Management team and producer of truly world class cheese scones for the stall.
  • Heather Ackroyd, Former director and founding member.
  • Phil May, Former Director – helped run Food Float for over 10 years.
  • Andy Tanner, Director. Andy retired from corporate life and gained an MA in Environment, Politics and Globalisation. He now works on local community development projects, charitable activities and campaigning.

Other information about Food Float

Our Producers and Suppliers

Our Data Protection Policy

Volunteering for Food Float

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