Fresh Meat and Poultry:

Lamb, mutton, pork, beef, chicken and duck:

We offer a selection of poultry from Etherley Farm at the Stall each week, and can take orders for collection if you have a particular item in mind. (2021 is our tenth Christmas delivering their Free Range Poultry – details here). We also offer a range of meat from Hill House Farm, for pre-ordered collection from the Stall. Etherley Farm is in Ockley and Hill House Farm in Beare Green.

We make home deliveries within Dorking and the surrounding area. If you’d like to place an order, or have questions, please ring Maddie on 07790 613348 or email Our delivery day is Thursday. The minimum order is £11 – do visit our online shop to see produce other than fresh meat and poultry. There is no charge for delivery.

Etherley Chicken: whole £7.20kg; breasts £15.95kg; legs / thighs £7.95kg; boned legs / thighs £10.20kg.

Etherley Duck: whole £8.80kg; breasts £19.95kg; legs £12.30kg.

HHF Beef:
Fillet: 1kg £57.00; 1.5kg £85.50.
Sirloin: 1.5kg £37.50; 2kg £50.00; 3kg £75.00.
Silverside: 1.5kg £20.50; 2kg £27.00; 3kg £40.50.
Topside: 1.5kg £23.00; 2kg £30.50; 3kg £46.00.
Rib (bone in): 2-bone £50.00; 3-bone £68.50; 4-bone £95.00.
Boneless rib: 1.5kg £35.00; 2kg £47.00; 3kg £70.50.
Rolled brisket: 1.5kg £19.50; 2kg £26.00; 3kg £37.00.
Steak: fillet 200g £11.00; rib-eye 250g £8.00; rump 250g £6.25; sirloin 200g £9.50.
Sandwich steak: pack of 2 £5.25.
Diced braising steak: 330g £5.95.
Diced shin: 330g £5.25.
Minced: 330g £4.85.
Stir fry: 330g £5.25.
Short rib: 500g £6.00.
Salt beef: 230g £4.95.

HHF Lamb:
Shoulder: whole rolled £35.00; half rolled £17.50.
Leg: whole rolled £35.00; half rolled £17.50.
Neck fillet: £6.25.
Breast: 800g £13.00.
Steaks: pack of 2 leg £6.75; pack of 2 shoulder £5.85.
Chump chops: 2 chops £6.35.
Chops: 2 chops £5.95.
Cutlets: 3 cutlets £5.95.
Diced: 330g £4.95.
Minced: 330g £4.95.
Liver: 330g £3.00.
Kidneys: 4 per bag £2.25.

HHF Pork:
Boned & rolled leg: 1.5kg £18.65; 2kg £24.50; 3kg £36.50.
Boned & rolled loin: 1kg £16.50; 1.5kg £24.75; 2kg £33.00.
Belly: 1kg £11.50; 2kg £23.00.
French trim rack: 6-bone £21.50; 8-bone £27.50; 10-bone £33.50.
Spare rib roast: 1.5kg £19.75; 2.5kg £32.95.
Baby back ribs: pack of 2 racks £10.95.
Fillet: 1 per pack, serves 2 £6.85.
Fillet in bacon: 1 per pack, serves 2 £7.50.
Steaks: pack of 2 £4.95.
Cheeks: 1 pair, approx 700g £6.85.
Proper chops’: pack of 2, priced individually at £13.50/kg.
Diced: 330g £4.65.
Minced: 330g £4.00.
Liver: 600g £3.00.
Kidneys: 2 per bag £1.50.
Sausages: Chorizo pack of 6 £4.85; Cumberland pack of 6 £4.85.
Bacon: back 8-rasher pack £4.95; collar 6-rasher pack £4.95; streaky 10-rasher pack £4.25.
Lardons: 250g £3.95.
Whole gammon: 1.5kg £23.75; 2kg £31.75: 3kg £47.65.
Gammon steaks: pack of 2 £4.85.
Glazed ham: 1.5kg £28.00; 2kg £37.00; 3kg £56.00.
Sliced ham: approx 300g £5.25.
Ham hock: 1 hock £4.95.

We are also delighted to offer beef from organic-certified Canfields Farm in Rudgwick a few times a year. The countryside is beautiful and Erica’s closed herds of Aberdeen Angus and Limousin cattle are so well looked after. The meat is sold as large (approx 9kg) and small (approx 5kg) boxes, comprising joints, steaks, braising steaks and mince, or as individual cuts eg wing rib joints, whole fillets, and minute and rib-eye steaks. Please ring Tim on 07745 985283 for further information, including likely future availability.

A few times a year we offer our own locally-reared free range lamb, mutton and pork – delivering half- and quarter-boxes, and selling individual joints and cuts at the Friday & Saturday stalls. Please ring Tim on 07745 985283 for further information, including likely future availability.