Welcome! Our drivers are out and about every Thursday delivering locally-sourced produce including seasonal vegetables & fruit, bacon, ham, sausages, eggs, bread, coffee, milk, cream, croissants, doughnuts, cakes, fudge, muesli bars, butter, cheese, jam, marmalade, chutney and honey to homes in Dorking and the immediately-surrounding area. And more recently: organic cereal, nuts & seeds and pasta & rice from zero-waste Eco Be (do pop in to their shop at Unit 23 St Martin’s Walk as well).

Our large veg boxes (£16) contain potatoes and carrots plus six other seasonal items, and the small boxes (£11) potatoes and carrots plus four other seasonal items. The range currently includes apples from Dorking Community Orchard; lettuce, rhubarb, chard, cavolo nero, cabbage (red & green Hispi, Savoy & January King), bunched carrots, beetroot, calabrese (green sprouting broccoli), spinach beet, red & green kale, Romanesco cauliflower, corn-on-the-cob and Brussels sprout tops from Secretts of Milford near Godalming; microgreens from Eden Greens in Woking; a variety of tomatoes from Nutbourne Nursery in West Sussex; watercress from Abinger Hammer; and salads, cucumber and garlic from 15 Mile Foods in Fetcham.

We are taking orders for delivery on Thursday 28 October. There is no delivery charge, just an £11 minimum order. Please scroll down to visit the shop. If you’d prefer to place your order by email rather than use the online shop, or would like to discuss setting up a regular or semi-regular order, you can do so by contacting Maddie at

Meat & poultry: sausages, bacon and ham can be ordered through the shop. We deliver free-range duck and chicken from Etherley Farm, and lamb, pork and beef from Hill House Farm. Also, a few times a year, beef from Canfields Farm and pork, lamb and mutton from our own locally-reared animals. All fresh not frozen. Further details are here. If you add meat or poultry to a shop order, the delivery slip will include the total for everything. It is less complicated than it may sound…

We take general orders until late morning on Wednesdays. It makes things easier for the farms if meat and poultry can be ordered by Tuesday lunchtime, though they will always do their best for later orders.

Our preferred method of payment is by online transfer (after you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an automated ‘order confirmation’ email containing our bank account and sort code details) though we are happy to accept cheques and cash. Payment can also be made, including by card, at the Stall. We would be grateful if accounts could be settled within a week of delivery.

Thank you for supporting our 25+ local producers and growers.

For information about our 2021 Christmas Deliveries (on 23 and 24 December), please click here.