Food Float

We provide local, fresh food to people in and around Dorking.

Coronavirus: there will be no stall on Dorking High Street until further notice. We are unable to maintain social distancing under the new strict restrictions. We are expanding our home delivery service and  will deliver on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please visit the home delivery page to see how this works and to order (it may not be all local due to the demand).

We have set up an emergency home delivery priority service for elderly, self isolating and vulnerable people in the Dorking area. This can’t be booked on the website.  If you know someone who isn’t online and needs this service please pass on the message. You can find out more about that on our Coronavirus page.

  • Doorstep deliveries to homes in Dorking, Westcott, Capel, Brockham, Ockley and Mickleham. Sorry we can’t cover a wider area.
  • We supply a range of food items including:
    Bread, cakes, honey and preserves
    Eggs and cheese
    Bacon and sausages

We support local producers

  • All our products are sourced as locally as possible – mostly from within a 20 mile radius of Dorking High Street.
  • The big advantage of local food is that it’s fresh, it cuts carbon emissions and we know where it comes from.

Our pricing policy – providing an alternative to supermarket shopping

  • Food Float compares prices with the local supermarkets and aims to be competitive where possible.
  • Where costs are higher it reflects the higher production costs of small scale producers and high welfare and environmental standards.