We provide Local, Fresh Food to people in and around Dorking.

Food Float is a not-for-profit community interest company – run by the community for the community. At our weekly stalls in the centre of Dorking, and for local area home delivery, we offer locally-sourced produce from our network of some 25+ suppliers: seasonal vegetables & fruit, milk, coffee, cream, bacon, ham, sausages and sausage rolls, eggs, bread, croissants, cheese straws, cheese scones, doughnuts, cakes, fudge, muesli bars, butter, cheese, chutney, jam and marmalade, and honey from local beekeepers. Please do browse in our online shop for details including provenance.

September news: we are delighted to be offering (for delivery) organic cereal, rice, pasta and a variety of nuts and seeds from zero-waste Eco Be.

Our large veg boxes (£16) contain potatoes and carrots plus six other seasonal items, and the small boxes (£11) potatoes and carrots plus four other seasonal items. The range currently includes apples from Dorking Community Orchard; Mickleham lettuce and French beans, also Rosada tomatoes grown in Victorian greenhouses; lettuce, rhubarb, chard, cavolo nero, red & green Hispi (pointed) cabbages, bunched carrots, bunched beetroot, calabrese (green sprouting broccoli), spinach beet, red & green kale, Romanesco cauliflower and corn-on-the-cob from Secretts of Milford near Godalming; microgreens from Eden Greens in Woking; a variety of tomatoes from Nutbourne Nursery in West Sussex; new potatoes from Kent Farms; watercress from Abinger Hammer; and salads, cucumber and garlic from 15 Mile Foods in Fetcham.

We have two Stalls each week. On Fridays we are in the main square in St Martin’s Walk and on Saturdays on the High Street outside Barclays Bank. Trading hours on both days are 8:30am to early-afternoon. We make home deliveries on Thursdays, to Dorking and the surrounding area. Please visit our online shop if you would like to place an order. We are taking orders for delivery on Thursday 23 September.