We provide Local, Fresh Food to people in and around Dorking

Platinum Jubilee Weekend: we’ll be making deliveries as usual on Thursday 2 June. The stall will be open as usual on Friday 3 and Saturday 4, and we’ll be at Meadowbank with a special stall for the Platinum Party in the Park on Thursday 2 from 10.30am-4.30pm.

Tim will be making home deliveries of Erica’s wonderful organic beef from Canfields Farm in Rudgwick on Tuesday 14 June. He anticipates that his ‘Dorking Bred’ pork, hogget and mutton will next be available for home delivery around the second week in July. Please visit our meat & poultry page here for details.

Food Float is a not-for-profit community interest company – run by the community for the community. At our weekly stalls in the centre of Dorking, and for local area home delivery on Thursdays, we offer high-quality produce from our network of 30+ local suppliers: seasonal vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk, cream, coffee, bread, cake and pastries, meat, cheese, muesli bars, fudge, butter, honey, and chutneys, jams and marmalades. Please do browse in our online shop for details.

On Fridays the stall is in the main square in St Martin’s Walk and on Saturdays on the High Street outside Barclays Bank. Trading hours are 8.30am to early afternoon. We are taking orders for delivery on Thursday 2 June, through the online shop or – if you prefer – by email to Maddie at foodfloat.sales@gmail.com.

We also offer, for delivery, items from Eco Be, including pasta, rice, oats, muesli, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Do pop in to their shop at Unit 23 St Martin’s Walk if you can – perhaps when visiting the Friday Food Float Stall! – they sell a wide range of household and personal care products as well as food. They provide paper bags and plastic-free packaging but the idea is to take your own containers to refill with as little or as much as you like, getting as close to zero-waste as possible. The Food Float small veg boxes are available at Eco Be (good to know if you forget to place an order for Thursday home delivery!) as well as some of the meat and cheese that has proved so popular at the stalls. The Eco Be shop is open seven-days-a-week, and thus has the potential to be a valuable outlet for local suppliers.

It is 12 years now since the stall started trading on the High Street on Saturday 6 March 2010. Thank you to everyone who has played a part!