CREST23 Transforming Food Award

Food Float was delighted to participate in the 2023 CREST Business Awards, which aim to ‘promote the positive work by businesses and organisations operating in the county of Surrey UK, to protect the environment and promote more sustainable working and lifestyle habits’ –

The CREST23 Convention, a Green Business Exhibition followed by the Awards Ceremony, took place on 26-Oct-23 at the Living Planet Centre in Woking, headquarters of WWF UK.

Food Float is proud to have won the Transforming Food Award, sponsored by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

CREST: Corporate Responsibility for the Environment and a Sustainable Tomorrow.

The Award ‘acknowledges innovation in reducing waste and inefficiencies, protecting water, soil and biodiversity and being transparent about where ingredients come from’ and ‘will be presented to an organisation that is transforming the food system to create a positive impact on people and the environment’.

We feel that the Award is a testament to our hard work and tireless focus on a sustainable local food supply. We couldn’t do it without our fantastic network of volunteers and helpers, quality local growers and producers, and loyal customers. Thank you everyone!

Other winners included Bee Friends (Circular Efficiency Award), Albury Organic Vineyard (Restoring Nature Award), and the Waverley Hoppa (Sustainability Impact Award).

The CREST Business Awards programme works in partnership with the Institute for Sustainability and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey and provides a platform for Surrey County Council’s Greener Futures Programme.