Producers and suppliers

Kingfisher Watercress
Barry at the Kingfisher Farm Shop

Nearly all our suppliers are local, small businesses and individuals. We know them, they know we expect high standards, and we visit regularly and talk to them about what our customers expect. This is all about nurturing a sustainable future and food security, with confidence for customers. By building strong, local supply chains we aim to weather the storm of future uncertainty caused by fossil fuels running out and climate change. Where we can’t find a local product (e.g. potatoes from Kent/Sussex) we source them from further afield but we will try to let you know where every item has come from, so you can make informed choices.

Regular suppliers to the Stall:

Secretts of Milford – salad, fruit and vegetables

Village Greens of Ockley – summer season vegetables

Hugh Broom of Sondes Place Farm, Dorking – asparagus (in season)

Nutbourne Nursery, near Pulborough – tomatoes (in season approximately March to October)

Francis of Westcott Bakery

Bookhams of Rudgwick – cheese and butter

High Weald Dairy, Horsted Keynes – a variety of cheeses including sheep’s and goats’ cheese

Simon’s free range eggs, Hookwood

Nathan’s free range eggs, Cowfold

Paul Cleaver’s free range duck & hen eggs and honey, Abinger Hammer

Debbie’s free range eggs and preserves, Newdigate

Kingfisher Watercress Farm, Abinger Hammer

Reigate Beekeepers

Cut and Dried, Capel – fruit & vegetable crisps and muesli bars

Dorking Community Orchard – apples (in season) and bottled apple juice

The Adams Family, Dorking – cheese scones and chocolate brownies

The Grange Centre, Bookham – fudge

Hill House Farm, Beare Green – sausage rolls, bacon and selected meat from their Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Southdown sheep

Produce with limited stock on the stall or supplied to order:

Charlie of Etherley Farm
  • Etherley Farm free range poultry and game – chicken, ducks, game (and geese and turkey in season) – Charlie is pictured
  • Canfield Farm, Rudgwick Organic Beef (1-2 times per month)

If you would like to supply us and you’re local please get in touch.

Allotment holders are welcome to bring surplus produce to the Stall and receive payment in kind on a ‘sale or return’ basis.

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