Christmas Deliveries

2021 is Food Float’s tenth year delivering Etherley Farm’s wonderful Free Range Poultry to homes in Dorking and the surrounding areas. This year’s delivery dates are Thursday 23 and Christmas Eve.

The Order Form below can be downloaded for completing and emailing back to us. We will acknowledge all orders. Paper copies are available at the Friday (St Martin’s Walk) and Saturday (High Street) Stalls. Thank you to Etherley Farm for the stunning photos.

Christmas Order Form – right-click to open in a new window.

Update at 29 November: please note that there are no more geese, also that we aren’t able to take any more multi-bird orders, or orders for turkeys ‘Boned & Rolled’.

We are still taking orders for turkeys in six oven-ready weight ranges; small, medium and large ducks; braces of pheasant; and chickens by weight. Also for turkeys as a ‘Crown’ (the breast on the bone), and as a ‘Butterfly’ (the breast off the bone). The order form has all the details but if you have any questions please email Maddie at No question is too small.

The birds are genuinely Free Range – out in the fields during the day and into the safety of open straw-lined barns overnight. Then humanely processed on site – stress-free and a journey of only 30 metres. Finally, dry plucked (almost unique nowadays) and expertly finished by hand.

The taste of the bird is of course the key thing but it’s perhaps also worth highlighting that Etherley don’t deliver to the public so our partnership with the Farm saves you a pre-Christmas drive to Ockley. And, as in previous years, there is no delivery charge.

Other festive goodies include sausagemeat and chipolatas from David at Bangers Galore in Horsham, and Christmas marmalade, Boxing Day chutney, and cranberry jelly – home-made by Debbie in Newdigate.

And not forgetting the Food Float Christmas Veg Box! Potatoes, carrots, leeks, Brussels sprout stick, onions and parsnips, enough for – as a guideline – eight people.