Savour all that spring has to offerasparagus

3 ways with asparagus

Treat it with respect; it deserves to be the main feature of a course on its own. Trim the ends off and peel the last couple of inches.

  • Steamed with lots of melted Local Butter, seasoned with sea salt and black pepper takes a lot of beating.
  • For the more adventurous, a spoonful of homemade hollandaise is a wonderful addition.
  • Try it griddled or barbecued, slightly charring the outside in the process, top with shavings of fresh parmesan and a drizzle of a good olive oil.

Simply divine: Spinach from Secretts Farm

Secretts is just the other side of Godalming. Tim collects the spinach in the morning, still damp from the morning dew.

  • Remove any coarse stalks and wash.
  • Dry well and just allow to wilt in a pan with a knob of butter or a splash of olive oil. Season and add a little freshly grated nutmeg.