Veg boxes


We deliver two sizes of veg box packed with seasonal vegetables: small and large.

Please not that currently we can only deliver in the Dorking area (approximately 2 mile radius from the town centre).

Small veg box (2/3 people) Potatoes and carrots plus 4 other seasonal veg cost £9 including delivery to the Dorking area.

Large veg box (4/6 people) Increased quantity of potatoes & carrots plus 6 other seasonal veg. Cost £14 including delivery to the Dorking area.

You can order your veg box by 5pm on a Tuesday for delivery on Thursday by visiting our online store. Please click here.

You can read more about where the veg come from here.

About our potatoes:

Maddie says: ” our local Marfona potatoes come from Kent and our local Agria potatoes come from Sussex. In my many years of cooking I have prepared an awful lot of potatoes. I am very impressed with both our Marfonas and our Agrias and their versatility”.

You can find Maddie’s potato tips on the recipe page.

If you would like to order a sack of potatoes you can do that by clicking on Store on the general menu.

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