Veg boxes


We deliver two sizes of veg box packed with seasonal vegetables: small and large.

Please note that normally we only deliver in the Dorking area (approximately 3 mile radius from the town centre), however during the current situation we are delivering slightly further afield on a case by case basis. Please use “Contact us” to enquire.

Small veg box (2/3 people) Potatoes and carrots plus 4 other seasonal veg cost £11 including delivery to the Dorking area.

Large veg box (4/6 people) Increased quantity of potatoes & carrots plus 6 other seasonal veg. Cost £16 including delivery to the Dorking area.

 We deliver on Thursdays and Fridays each week. Orders are processed in order of receipt and at the time of ordering you can find out the expected delivery day by looking at the veg box descriptions on the shop which we update regularly when delivery slots are full.

You can read more about where the veg come from here.

About our potatoes:

Maddie says: “Amongst other sources we are using currently, our local Marfona potatoes come from Kent and our local Agria potatoes come from Sussex. In my many years of cooking I have prepared an awful lot of potatoes. I am very impressed with both our Marfonas and our Agrias and their versatility”.

You can find Maddie’s potato tips on the recipe page.

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