Welcome to the Food Float local area Thursday delivery service. We’ll be taking orders for Thursday 8 June until 10am on the 7th.

Thank you for supporting our network of local producers and growers. 30+ at last count!

As well as running the Friday and Saturday stalls in the centre of Dorking, we make deliveries to homes in Dorking and the surrounding villages on Thursdays. There is no delivery charge, just an £11 minimum order. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing in our online shop below.

Our preferred method of payment is by online transfer (after you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an automated ‘order confirmation’ email containing our bank account and sort code details) though we are happy to accept cheques and cash. Payment can also be made, including by card, at the Stall. We would be grateful if accounts could be settled within a week of delivery.

If you’d prefer to place your order by email rather than use the online shop, or would like to discuss setting up a regular or semi-regular order, you can do so by contacting Maddie at All questions welcomed!

Chicken parcels. A pack of two. Bangers Galore, Horsham. Please order by 10.00am on Tuesday for this item. Further information in the 'product details' section.

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Product Details

Chicken thighs with a Chorizo Style stuffing, wrapped in streaky bacon. These sell out week after week at the stall so we thought we would offer them for delivery! Be tempted!

The 'cut-off' for shop orders is 10.00am each Wednesday. However, as we place the Food Float fresh meat order with Bangers Galore on Tuesday morning, we are asking if customers could kindly place their orders for these chicken parcels by 10.00am on Tuesday. We - and David at Bangers Galore - will be really grateful if you can work with us on this! Thank you!

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