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Bletted medlars. Dorking Community Orchard.

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Medlars are decorative, spreading trees with curling branches, golden autumn colour, and large, white or pinkish-white flowers in mid- to late-spring.

The apple-shaped fruits are about the size of a clementine, and somewhat flattened, with prominent, horny calyces. They are unpalatable (sour and astringent) immediately after their autumn picking and have to be 'bletted' - left to rest and soften - before use.

Medars are ready to eat when the skin has browned and become slightly wrinkled, and the fruit has become soft to the touch, almost squashy. You can scoop the flesh straight from the fruit with a teaspoon, discarding the skin and pips, and eat with wine, port or cheese. Or warm a few, and add to breakfast yoghurt with some brown sugar. Or make jelly, or 'cheese', or medlar tart. Let us know what you do!

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