Welcome! Our regular local area home delivery day is Thursday but because of the current situation we have extended the service to include Saturdays as well.

We are currently taking orders for delivery on Saturday 23 January.

We are happy to deliver to your door anything we offer on our Stall, subject to seasonality and an £11 minimum. There is no requirement to include a veg box in your order – though we highly recommend them!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions by emailing Julia at

The shop is set up for fixed price items. We also deliver fresh (not frozen) poultry from Etherley Farm: free-range duck (whole birds, breasts, legs) and free-range chicken (whole birds, breasts, thighs); and various cuts of lamb, pork and beef from Hill House Farm. Please contact Maddie at for more details (pricing is by weight) and / or to place an order. If you add ‘by weight’ items to a shop order, the paper delivery slip will include the total for everything. Rest assured that it is less complicated than it may sound…

We would be grateful if accounts could be settled within a week of delivery. Our preferred method of payment is online transfer (you’ll receive an automated ‘order confirmation’ email containing our bank account and sort code details) but we are happy to accept cheques and cash. Payment can also be made by card at the Stall.

Thank you for supporting our local producers and suppliers.

Bacon: back, unsmoked, dry-cured. A pack of eight rashers. Hill House Farm.

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Cut from pork loin. 'A bacon sarnie bacon'.

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