Other products available to order

Veg boxes, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, sausages and honey can be ordered through the ‘shop page’. Please use the contact form if you would like to add any items from the list below to your order, or if you have any questions.

Sausages, bacon and ham from Hill House Farm

Spicy Chorizo sausages – £4.50 per pack
Cumberland sausages – £4.50 per pack
Bacon – dry cured back – £4.49 per pack
Bacon – dry cured streaky – £3.49 per pack
Bacon – dry cured collar (thick cut) – £4.29 per pack
Dry cured gammon ham, flavoured with cider & honey – £4.49 per pack

Free range poultry and other produce from Etherley Farm

Visit the free range poultry page to find out about pricing and how to order.

Cheese (priced by pack weight) and Butter (£3)

High Weald Brighton BlueHigh Weald Duddleswell
High Weald HalloumiHW Little Sussex (Soft sheep)
HW Sister Sarah (medium soft goat’s)Ashmore (hard cow’s milk)
Sussex Charmer (cow’s milk)
(on the shop)
Sussex Butter
(on the shop)

Nutbourne tomatoes

Large varietiesClassic/Classic Plum/Classic Orange – £4.55/kg
Baby varietiesOrange cherry & mini San Marzano – £8.50/kg

Chalk Hills

Cakes Lemon Drizzle, Carrot, and Cherry & Almond – all £4.70
Sue HighamFruit Tea Loaf – £4.50

Debbie’s Jam – all £3.40

Summer BerryApricot
Victoria Plum

Debbie’s Chutney – all £3.80

Ploughman’sBalsamic Fig
PiccalilliGreen Tomato

Debbie’s Marmalade – all £3.40

Seville Three Fruit
Pink GrapefruitLime & Ginger

Local Honey

Small £4.50
Medium £5.00
Large £6.00

Eggs – all free range – prices are per box of 6 eggs

Medium £1.45 (on the shop)Large £1.70 (on the shop)
Extra Large £1.95 currently unavailableFulvens House (mixed) £2.00
Duck eggs £2.95Quail eggs £2.85 (dozen)


Cut & Dried Mixed Veg £2.75Cut & Dried Apple £2.75
Cut & Dried Pear £2.75Muesli Bar £1.20