Organic beef

Organic beef

Next Delivery Days: Tuesday 6th December or on Tuesday 13th December.

Canfields Farm near Rudgwick sits in the most beautiful countryside and rears Aberdeen Angus and Limousin beef cattle. You will never see finer looking animals, lovingly cared for by Erica Bargman and her son Tim.

Once again we at Food Float are delighted to be able to offer Canfields Farm Fresh Organic Beef, delivered to your door on Tuesday 6th December or on Tuesday 13th December.

Supplies are very limited, so if you would like to place an order or would like further details please contact Tim McEntire as soon as possible or call him on 07745 985283.

Canfield organic beef 

Pack A Approx 9 kgs                                                                      Pack B Approx 5kgs

2 ½ kgs Mince                                                                                 1 ½ kgs Mince

2 kgs Braising Steak                                                                      1 kg Braising Steak

3kgs in 2 Joints                                                                              1 ½ kg Joint

1 ½ kgs in steaks                                                                           1kg in Steaks

      £152. 00                                                                                              £90.00

Wing rib joints, whole fillets, rib- eye steaks and minute steaks can be purchased separately. In addition, joints of salt brisket of beef are also available.



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