Food Float provides local, fresh food to people in and around Dorking. With a stall on Fridays and Saturdays on Dorking High Street and doorstep deliveries to restaurants and homes, we aim to support local producers. You can order a delivery on this website or find out more about what we do.

Hot NewHM Send 1st deliverys: Our first delivery this weekend (August 21 and 22) of veg from HM Prison at Send. This women’s prison has a kitchen garden, where the inmates work, producing fruit and veg for its own catering and now for Food Float. This is part of The Clink charity’s work which helps rehabilitate offenders through practical training. Great to welcome a new local supplier on board.

We supply a range of food items including bread, honey and preserves, eggs, cakes, vegetables, cheese, poultry and sausages. All our products are sourced as locally as possible – mostly from within a 20 miles radius of your High Street. The big advantage of local food is that it’s fresh, it cuts carbon emissions and we know where it comes from.

Our pricing policy: Food Float compares prices with the local supermarkets and aims to be competitive where possible.  We want to provide an alternative to supermarket shopping. Where costs are higher it reflects the higher production costs of small scale producers and higher welfare and environmental standards.

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